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Residential Training for Puppies (8 weeks- 18 weeks

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What is Puppy Camp?

We know how busy life can be but during the most critical developmental period of  your dog’s life, time is the greatest investment you can make to ensure your puppy builds  brilliant behaviour and  learns solid life skills to create a  confident family pet

My puppy camp programme offers you the knowledge that your puppy is in safe  hands when they come to live with me and my family for this immersive training stay in my rural Wicklow home.

Your dog learns the exact skills they  need in a  home  setting and practices those skills all day every day in a loving home environment.

I only use a rewards based approach with my training to build confidence in your impressionable puppy.

You will receive a detailed training report plus a 2  hour hand-over session and follow up training session as part of every package.

Training Programmes


Junior puppy (1100 Euro)

During this 10 day programme your puppy will learn 

House training routine

Sleep training 

Sit/ Down ( verbal and hand signals)

Leave it cue

Crate training 

Go to Bed

Manners with their Mouth 


Walk nicely on lead 

Aggression prevention exercises 



Pro Puppy ( 1300 Euro)

During the 14 day programme your puppy will learn all of Junior puppy plus 

Toileting outside and on walks 

Recall with distractions 

Sit /Down/Stand on Cue

Go to bed/ Crate 

Manners at the door 

Auto sit when crossing the road

Chew toy training  



Rockstar Puppy (1550 Euro)

This 18 day programme features  Pro Puppy plus 

Off lead recall in outdoor settings 

Fetch ball/ toy

Look / watch cue

High 5 / Rollover 

Drop it cue



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