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Taking the Guesswork out of Training your Dog ​

What can I expect from 1 to 1 training?

  •  I offer a number of different training packages  designed to suit you and your dog's specific training needs.

  • During our one to one training session, you will be very hands on and included in the process of training your dog. 

  • We will focus on reinforcing your dog's good behaviour by using various rewards such as play, food, toys, affection, praise and other life rewards. 

  • You can expect a positive improvement in your dog’s behaviour from our first training session. 

  • All training sessions include Citizen Canine Ireland Reading Material with  detailed explanations of  the training strategies covered during the session.


Where are the sessions conducted?

  •  I will come to your home and conduct our lesson indoors or outdoors depending on the focus of the lesson or we may decide to meet at a more suitable location to maximise our training opportunities depending on the issue that needs addressing. 

       Areas covered- Wicklow, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny and South Dublin 




One To One Training


           Single Solving Session

                    (2 Hours)

                Cost €150



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These 2 hour intensive sessions are recommended for addressing the following.


  • Pulling on lead

  • Puppy training

  • Basic obedience

  • Jumping and over greeting

  • Nuisance barking

  • House training(puppies or adult dogs)

  • Destructive behaviour

  • House manners and general rowdiness

  • Coming when called

 Session Includes: 
  • Demonstration of Specific Training Exercises 

  • Coaching You and Your Puppy/ Dog to acquire new dog training Skills

  • Developing an Understanding of the Methods which will assist in Maintaining and Reinforcing your dog's good behaviour

  • Helping You Meet Your Training Goals 

dogs on beach
 3 Session Package


       (2  Hours x 3 Lessons)

            Cost €390


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These sessions are ideal for clients who would like to  advance their puppies or adult dog skills beyond the basics. This package is ideal for dog owners that require more targeted training such as recall or for resolving specific behaviour issues. Training strategies are tailored to your dog’s needs.


Should you consider the 3 Session Package?


The 3 Session Package is ideal for young puppies to build a strong bond with their family. This package is also suitable for addressing more complex dog problems including; 

  • On lead reactivity to other dogs

  • General to advanced obedience training 

  • Off lead control

  • Separation anxiety

  • Resource guarding



Baby Makes Four


     (2 Session Package)

       Cost €280


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As a parent myself to a young child  i know first hand the necessity of training and planning in order for your dog to learn how to cope and adjust to the inevitable changes of welcoming  a new baby into your home.

What i cover in this 2 session package.

  • Teaching important new skills and coaching you about preparedness to avoid common errors

  • Address any concerns relating to how these changes affect your dog

  • Educate you about safe interactions between your dog and baby

  • How to spot potential problems and the correct intervention

         Video Consultations - 60 Euro

         What to expect

  • Upon contacting me via e-mail or phone to discuss your priorities for training your dog, we'll arrange a time/date that suits and get started on making some positive progress with your dog's problems. 

  • To help me gain a greater insight, feel free to send me short videos clips if you choose ahead of time so I can advise and best guide you. 

  • I charge 60 Euros for 60 minutes and you will also receive detailed notes via e-mail to assist with exercises and protocols relating to that video session. 

  • Video consults can be conducted via Zoom or  What's app video. 

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