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My career started while living in New York City where I held the position of Shelter manager at Brooklyn's BARC shelter for 2 years and I went on to become  a staff trainer  for Andrea Arden and Empire of the Dog for a number of years  before returning to Ireland and setting up Citizen Canine Ireland.

 I'm a  founder member of APDT Ireland and serve as an assessor for professional membership examinations .

You can  check out for more information about this Association and our members


  • I am actively involved with the Wicklow SPCA and run group training classes and playgroups on an on going basis  at the shelter.






  • SFSPCA Behaviour Counselling Certificate Programme


  • SF SPCA Special Advance Topics Certificate in Dog - Dog Aggression


  • SF SPCA Growly Dog Class Seminar


  • Jean Donaldson  - Fear and Aggression


​      Kathy Sdao – Does Pavlov Ring a Bell? Seminar  


  • Sue Sternberg – Assessing Canine Temperament 


  • Patricia McConnell – Dog - Dog Aggression Seminar


  • Ian Dunbar – How To Motivate Dog To Want Them to do What You Want Them To Do – Behaviour and Temperament Problems, Dublin



Workshops & Seminars

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