• I am actively involved with the Wicklow SPCA and run group training classes and playgroups on an on going basis  at the shelter.


  • I am a founding  member of APDT Ireland (www.apdt.ieand I am certified as a professional member of this association.







  • Andrea Arden Dog Training – Staff Trainer


  • Empire of the Dog – Staff Trainer and Class Instructor


  • SFSPCA Behaviour Counselling Certificate Programme


  • SF SPCA Special Advance Topics Certificate in Dog - Dog Aggression


  • SF SPCA Growly Dog Class Seminar







  • Jean Donaldson St Hubert’s New Jersey - Fear and Aggression


  • Steve White New York ASPCA


  • Kathy Sdao – Does Pavlov Ring a Bell? Seminar - New Jersey


  • Sue Sternberg – Assessing Canine Temperament - NYC


  • Patricia McConnell – Dog - Dog Aggression Seminar - New Jersey


  • Ian Dunbar – How To Motivate Dog To Want Them to do What You Want Them To Do – Behaviour and Temperament Problems, Dublin



Workshops & Seminars