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What Dog Lovers Are Saying About Citizen Canine Ireland


The Reynold's Family, Wexford


"Emmaline Duffy is a qualified, dedicated, intuitive and highly skilled, professional dog trainer. We cannnot recommend her highly enough....From the moment we spoke to her on the phone, things felt better!"

Karen O'Brien, Wexford


"Within seconds of arriving, I could see Emmaline was in action; working on the dogs, making them more comfortable, it was so simple but so effective..within the one session the dogs improved their behaviuor and with the reminder material given to us, we have continued to put all the advice and instructions into action.

Anna Holles (Veterinarian) & Lily


"Emmaline is a wonderful person to work with, she has endless patience, and her fair, simple and consistant training methods have worked wonders for me and my puppy, Lily.

Lily is a very exuberent girl and needs her energy channelling in a suitable way. Emmaline has shown me a host of effective techniques to achieve this in a positive way! She is a truly caring person, who not only gives you excellent tuition at home, but also fantastic follow - up via email and phone when needed."

Andrea Arden (author of "Dog Friendly Dog Training" & "The Little Book of Dog Tricks")


"It is with all sincerity, that I say Emmaline has by far been one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. With highly developed dog - handling skills and perhaps, more importantly, she connects with human clients to help them hione their own dog training skills."

Aileen Strachan, Wicklow


"The first few weeks with a puppy is so overwhelming, but Emmaline has taken all the guess work out of the training process, with her expertise and fun approach. The highlight has been seeing our six year old son take an active role in training our puppy and loving every minute of it. We would not have been able to achieve the results we have seen thus far, without Emmaliine.

Rosemary Polden, Wexford

After a couple of sessions with Emmaline I am already feeling much more confident as an owner and trainer of a small, gentle Alsation bitch.  I had done some basic training but because I feel I need to be especially responsible with this particular breed I felt I needed confidence building. 


The joy of working with Emmaline is that she listens to me and my concerns and I haven’t felt under undue pressure to get things right every time.  She allows me to go at my own pace and she has picked me up at the point at where I am with my dog (I am qualified as a   management coach and I feel that Emmaline has demonstrated impressive coaching skills with me).  This training has been very much about me and my needs: I know that Emmaline could take my dog and train her to a high standard before returning her to me, but it has been important for me to find my confidence and that I am doing.


The added bonus is that I know that I can contact Emmaline at any time if I have a concern about my dog and I look forward to keeping in touch with her as we develop together.

Noiren Carrigg, Wicklow

I am dog mad but encountered a big problem when I added to my doggie family with a Doberman that was pulling so hard I could not walk her. I tried 3 other trainers no luck. Emmaline was my last hope and it's true they save the best till last. In 30 minutes she was walking LOOSE LEAD with my dog it was magic. I have since recommended citizen Canine to everyone with any dog issues. And a big thing for me Is ALL MY DOGS LOVE HER.PICK UP THE PHONE.


Una Cosgrave-Hanley, Wicklow

Great 2 hour season with tilly the terrier and bailey the goldiedoodle. Lots for us to work on with the dogs and remarkable behaviour improvements by the end of the session! ! very impressed. Feel like we have been given a dogs toolkit that we can practically work with. Great to have training in the dogs own environment.



Aoife McGovern, Kildare

Emmaline is absolutely amazing. She came to our home to train our little pup Fionn. The difference in him is amazing. He now sits when told. He drops wants in his mouth when told. He also waits until his bowl is put down before he eats . She was amazing with Fionn. He is so well behaved now and is so much happier as he enjoys being trained. I would recommend Emmaline to everyone . She is outstanding .


Maira Furlong, Wexford

 Everything she said made perfect sense! Loved the payday analogy and making him work for rewards instead of just giving them to him!! Made great inroads with Buzz. He sat a few times on command and even lay down! Lots of work to sill be done but it's going to be fun! Thanks Emmaline! It was a great eye opener!



Yvonne Carre, Wicklow

Fantastic session with Emmaline.The mistakes I'd been making up till then were so simple but having that highlighted and tweaked has given me the confidence to handle my dogs far far better. It's been so worthwhile and has already made a huge difference to walk time.



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