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The Kenmare Lead

The Kenmare Lead


This lead features exceptional comfort and grip with woven rubber stitiching throughout length. This makes the leads ideal for strong Canine's and wet weather.

You can choose from  2 sizes - 5ft or 5 1/2 feet. 

It features a solid brass snap hook and floating  O- ring  on the handle plus brass plated chicago screws for extra duarability.

Colour is black/grey.


You can choose to have inside handle or lined or un- lined (choice of  grey velvet,Red, Emerald green velvet or mustard Faux leather for 20mm and 25 mm)

15mm  choice of gold satin ribbon/Moss green  or  mustard faux leather


15mm @ 27 euro

20mm@ 30 euro

25mm@33 Euro 

The snap hook feeds through the O- ring so it can act as a tether if needed.


Please specify colour of lining for handle, length and width of lead when placing an order.

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