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Calmer Canine Walks

 Calmer Canine walks are moderated group walks designed for owners of over- reactive dog types.

I wanted to develop a sense of community for dog owners that would like to socialise their canines but felt isolated in doing so due to their dog's current behaviour challenges around other canines.

So here's the brief.

We meet occasional Sunday's  in Carnew Co wicklow and head to a nearby forestry.

Walk lasts for approximately an hour and pace is a stroll rather than a march.

Dogs will be kept on lead at all times and please respect each others need for space

All breeds welcome and your dog must be vaccinated and in good health to attend.(bring vaccination record 1st week)

It's a training opportunity so carry treats/ food rewards for your dog and i'll instruct you about how and when to use them.

No pinch/ prong , choke chains or ecollars permitted.

Have your dog wear a collar, body harness or head collar and a lead no longer than 6ft.

Cost to attend is 15 euros and you must book in advance via Paypal .

Lastly, please come with a sense of humour and a good heaping dose of tolerance as whingers will be sent packing.

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