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                         Cowboy Dog Beds

Cowboy dog beds came about as a result of necessity. I couldn't find a dog bed that fit my criteria for my rather large dog Cowboy.


1- Comfort- My dog loves his comfort and prefers to lie flat when sleeping. I have tiled floors so he  needed a raised bed with firm but cushioned foam  support. Ideal for an older dog too as they step onto not into the bed and it offers  good support for creaky bones.

2- Washable- It needed to be washable, all of it. He likes to chew on rubber toys and beef pizzles which can get messy.

3- Design- Design, shape and fabrics are  important to me. I wanted his bed to look good and not just fit for purpose. Having changable patterened and textured covers means you can change the look and feel  of the bed whenever you  like.



         Made in Ireland
Cowboy Beds are 100% irish  manufactured and all materials sourced in ireland
Changeable Covers
Choose from a range of fabrics and designs. Beds feature protective inner lining  so foam can breathe and stay cleaner. Covers  have Velcro instead of zips( zips tend break!)



Beds are 7.5cm in height

Small-  60cm (L) x 50 cm (w)

Medium- 100cm ( L) x 60 cm (w)

Large- 120 cm (L) x 66 cm (w)

Extra large- 120 cm ( L) x 100 cm (w)



     Prices (includes P+P)
       Small-  50 Euro
      Medium- 75 Euro
      Large-   100  Euro
      Extra large- 120 Euro
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